Well, When I first was told that Disney Marvel were going to make a Live Action Doctor Strange Movie was getting the chills and excited as with the success of The Guardians Of The Galaxy in which Marvel took a comic that most of the people had know either of what this comic was about and how they turned this movie another one of the biggest comic movies in 2014 in which became a big hit, I knew that this movie was also going to be another blockbuster hit movie for Marvel Movies.

Well I decided to watch Doctor strange movie at BFI IMAX in 3D and OMG man, I was not disappointed as this movie was great. I loved the 3D because of all the visual effects that was used to pull of this movie was just too good and really made this film possible to do and also thanks to inception that this film was possible to make.

This film will make you believe in magic and most of all believe in the impossible which is what doctor strange is really about.

Is this film better then captain America 3 ? Well in terms of visual effects, yes it is way better. you really can’t have this film without any visual effects or else it won’t be a doctor strange movie. Does it have better action scenes than Captain America 3, No. Captain America beats it with the action scene and especially the emotionally scenes which Captain America 3 has, but Doctor Strange has its own actions scenes and some emotion that makes this film a 4 star movie and yes watchable.

You do not need to watch any of the marvel movies for this film as it is a origin movie which tells us about who Steven Strange is and follows his life and struggles and how he eventually believed in the impossible. Because of its well written script and chose of actors and just because of the visual effects I will give this film 4.5 stars rating and I am looking forward to Doctor Strange 2 when it comes out.

See this you really have to give full credit to Disney, Disney let marvel have all the power and this is why marvel have not missed up their movies in recent years. The director Scott Derrickson does a good job of taking the marvel character Doctor Strange from the comics and turning it into a good movie.

Bring in Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor were the best two goals made as these two are good actors and Chiwetel Ejiofor is such an underrated actor.

Please go and watch Doctor strange film everyone you won’t be disappointed at all and take your kids with you as they will love the visual effects.

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Wow! DOCTOR STRANGE is an incredible mindtrip. Its VFX alone makes Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ look like some kind of beta test. And this film is so much fun, it’s hilarious, it’s got some of the most complex, most elaborate action sequences I’ve seen all year, and I can’t stop geekin’ out about the cloak of levitation. This is Benedict Cumberbatch making his grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Directed by Scott Derrickson who helped provide the script, DOCTOR STRANGE Movie is about a successful, talented, arrogant neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Suddenly, a tragic car accident leaves Strange’s hands permanently damaged, which means he can no longer perform surgery. After trying western medicine, he hears of a man who was badly injured and then got miraculously healed, this leads Strange to the secrets of a hidden world of alternate dimensions. Under the teaching and guidance of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) Strange unleashes metaphysical abilities and ultimately takes on the responsibility of protecting earth from mystical threats.

Created by Marvel’s legendary artist, Steve Ditko, the character Doctor Strange is a very unique one because he’s not a product of some kind of technological armor, he’s not a nordic god nor a space alien, and he doesn’t get his powers from super serum nor gamma rays, and so kudos to Marvel Studios for taking a chance on this one of a kind character because it makes for an unbelievably fantastic origin story on screen that’s just different from the rest of the bunch that Marvel has introduced to us so far. And there’s just something refreshing about that.

What a great cast, they could not have picked a better lead star, Benedict Cumberbatch knocks it out of the park. Whenever Strange gets a bit cocky, you can see a little bit of Cumberbatch’s Sherlock attitude kicking in there. But Strange is more quick to sensibility whereas Sherlock would still have to put them all through his reasoning filters. And Cumberbatch’s sense of humor is absolutely sharp. There’s a ton of funny moments in this film but they never take away from the problem at hand or what Strange has to tackle at that very moment.

I’m Asian but I’m not bothered by Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One, I understand this is supposedly the film’s biggest controversy but the fact of the matter is that once you’ve seen DOCTOR STRANGE, you’ll understand why Tilda is perfect in this role. The woman is an impeccable actress and she exudes the specific wisdom needed for this because in many ways, when you deal with a monastery-like setting where people learn martial art and philosophies about self- control, the expectation is that the master would preach parables, analogies, or metaphors in bestowing that wisdom and Tilda does it with ease like David Carradine’s Kwai Chang Caine from the old “Kung Fu” series.

Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, I gotta say, is not my favorite villain in MCU, I think Mikkelsen does a fine job but the character just doesn’t land for me. But I gotta give Scott Derrickson and his co-writers much credit for introducing as many elements as they could from Doctor Strange comic books including Dormammu, and so those who watch the film and may be confused by the jargons, like the Eye of Agamotto, can go to the comic books and discover why it is important to include those in a Doctor Strange movie along with the manipulation of space, energy and time which is also another big deal. And that leads me to what I think is the film’s most amazing appeal,.. seeing buildings bend over on itself, characters teleporting, and the insane things that the cloak of levitation can do because it carries its own consciousness. It really doesn’t get more of a movie magic than DOCTOR STRANGE.


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Characters: These portrayals were amazing. Will Smiths role being my favorite. He plays the murderous Deadshot and while a lot of this movie felt like it was his own rather than the entire Squad itself. It still worked. As for the rest of the characters, the film doesn’t explore them that much with the exception of fan favorite Harley Quinn of course. The biggest disappointment for me was the villain (I’ll explain why once I get to plot) he didn’t add much and just didn’t fit all that well with the story for me. Another issue I had with the film was Harleen being way too sexualized. We either get a shot of her behind every 30 seconds she’s on screen or she’s practically stripping in a club. Granted though I will say that that aspect calms down as the story moves on and she does get more interesting. The other characters barely get any backstory or lines and its quite distracting once you realize Killer Croc only gets 4 lines and grunts the rest of the time. I guess you could say they were playing with the fact that him being treated like a social outcast made him an extreme introvert but I still believe that he deserved more as he’s, in my opinion, a more interesting character than people give him credit for. Amanda Waller was played amazingly by Viola Davis. El Diablo was also quite amazing and his backstory i think really made you feel for him. I don’t want to say anything about Jai Courtenys role because i really believe he had some of the best moments in this film. Am I forgetting any one ? Rick Flag was okay but from what i can tell no one is seeing this film for him. I think most of us are seeing it for what I’ll be discussing next.

Watch Suicide Squad Movie Online

The Joker: What can I say ? Jared either nails it or completely fails in this movie. Let me just say I was really worried at first. I’m a big fan of this character and while I knew Jared Leto would be great in this role, I (like many) hated his design. The problem I believe is we weren’t told what kind of Joker he would be, but once I found out he would be more of a ”Gangsta” Joker I was sold. It was really inventive and something we hadn’t really seen before. The design began to make more sense when this was said. My problem though is his performance felt like a tipping scale. At times he was The Joker we all know and love. at other times he just felt like a wannabe. He was though (this may be my fanboy side talking) mostly done well. He’s definitely no Heath Ledger, but i can say that I think (this will sound blasphemous to some) he was an edge better than Nicholson.

Watch Suicide Squad

Story: This is where my biggest problem with the movie starts. The movie begins by introducing each character, each with their own song. Now I wouldn’t mind having songs in this film, but within the first 10 minutes half the soundtrack is played. It felt like a glorified commercial. As for the plot, its really over done. Villain+thingy that shoots at sky= portal. That seems to be the process for super-hero films (or even big budget blockbusters like Ghostbusters 2016) all of a sudden. The villain simply didn’t cut it for me, at least not with the setting. In the movie magic is introduce, which I never personally saw the Suicide Squad dealing with. I always saw the Squad as a military special ops force that deals with problems too big for the government but to small for Superman. Mostly because in the comics that’s what they are. So when i see a man who shoots things, a crazy woman, a strong cannibalistic guy, a man with ropes, another man who throws boomerangs, and a man who shoots flames from his hands, go against MAGIC. I’m sorry I cant buy it. Sure you could say that where the Suicide aspect of their name comes in, but wouldn’t it have been cooler to see some extremely dangerous and complex hostage situation with The Riddler ? That would be fun while also being grounded and more at the Squads level of danger. Though the story has many problems i did surprisingly enough though still loved every second. It was when Deadshots excellent marksmanship is first introduced that i realized this a pop corn film and wants to be treated like one. It’s not a film aiming for an Oscar so don’t treat it like one.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, I still think this film is worth seeing in theaters. I’ve already pre-ordered my blu-ray and I’m already excited to watch Suicide Squad movie again. By the way, there’s a mid-credit scene so be sure to stay in your seat when the film ends.

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Lights Out is the modern Darkness Falls, while Darkness Falls focuses on a man who is traumatized of the horrors of the past and shapes his life based on his paranoia, only to face the demon once again. Lights Out is more family based with a confined space which relies more on their relationship and how a supernatural being tears them apart from being a complete and happy family.

Lights Out is refreshing mainly due to the characters who act promptly towards a situation which has a supernatural interference, they think and conclude, “Yep, that’s a ghost” instead of following the path well-trodden of questioning each other if there truly is a ghost with nay-sayers often dragging the plot.

It’s well known, that Lights Out started out as a short horror movie project, and unfortunately that shows especially at the very end of the movie, it’s a great concept but it requires creativity and constant ideas to be thrown at the screen to keep the screenplay engaging, the movie reaches a point whereby it ends abruptly despite it having the potential to explore multiple other methods to solve the mystery but instead opted for the easy way out mainly for dramatic purposes highlighting the family’s bond and love for each other.

Watch Lights Out Movie Online

The ghost of Lights Out is terrifying as long as it remains in the dark, the face reveal doesn’t really freak you out and thus leaving the ghost as a scary caricature for the large majority of the movie definitely adds in to the creepy factor. The ghost isn’t just burdening the family by random hauntings and feeding of their negative energy, it’s actually a functional member of the household in its very own unique way.

Lights Out is one of the better horror movies this year, far from the reigning Conjuring 2 but good enough to earn its place in the top 10 horror movies of 2016 thanks to a likeable cast that carried the movie entirely through their performance. Lights Out has the potential to be even better if it relies even lesser on jump scares and cliché scare tactics, here’s hoping the sequel deserves to exist in the first place as most horror movies sequel rarely live upon the original’s success.

Lights Out Watch Online

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Jason Bourne! Because giving it a creative name was just entirely too difficult. See? You didn’t know if I was talking about the movie or the character. So stupid. Anyway, the fourth Bourne movie with Matt Damon in the lead role was mostly what I expected with some fantastic action sequences, decent surprises and a mildly interesting story. If you have ever listened to me ramble about movies for any amount of time, you will soon discover that I love the Bourne movies. They’re seriously some of my favorite films of all-time. This newest Bourne adventure certainly fits with the rest of the series, but a lot of it felt like we were just going through the motions a lot of the time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though..

Let me describe this for you in the best way that I can. I’ll give you a completely unrelated example and somehow connect it to this movie. Okay, so there’s a game called The Last of Us that most of you probably know. It featured one of the best stories in video game history. On the PS4 version, it came with a bit of extra content called Left Behind. It added a bit to the story and while I was playing it, I loved it. As soon as it was over, I was saying something along the lines of, “well that was cool, but now what?” That is exactly how I feel about the latest Bourne films. I mean, Matt Damon had like 22 lines in the entire film. I wanted more of him! He gave us the action, we followed along with another interesting (yet occasionally cringey) story, but I feel like this isn’t going to lead to anything. As much as I’d love to hear Alicia Vikander say “enhance” like I’m watching an episode of CSI from 1999, I doubt they’re going to continue with it. That’s part of what made the original trilogy so interesting. You knew that Bourne was going to figure out his backstory and give us an exciting adventure in every single movie and they would just seamlessly flow from one film to the next. With this latest Bourne, they sort of gave us a one off adventure without a clear idea as to why it even happened in the first place. But who knows.. maybe I’m overthinking it? Whatever.

Watch Jason Bourne Movie

To wrap it all up, I would recommend that you see this latest Bourne. Don’t go into it expecting the original trilogy. Sure there are a ton of similarities, but this one was a lot more “sit back and enjoy” as opposed to “figure it out” like we had with the originals. I think I’ve put entirely too much thought into this. What can I say though? It’s worth the effort of typing all this on my phone so I can talk about one of the coolest film franchises in history. Enough reading what I have to say. Go watch the movie and have a good time.

Jason Bourne Online

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This is the first film of the alt-verse of Star Trek where I haven’t found myself waiting for certain things to happen. I mean waiting for them to echo or do their own version of something that happened in an original Trek film or movie. They’ve finally cut ties and have gone off to do their own thing and it shows (and works) wonderfully. It’s a fun, action packed, summer movie but with a large amount of character moments. This is perfect for Trek since we keep coming back to these characters for a reason and it’s them and their relationships with each other. ( Star Trek Beyond Online )

It’s three years into the five year mission and Kirk is getting a little world weary. Spock is beginning to question whether his place should really be on New Vulcan, especially considering some news he gets about Ambassador Spock. Before either of them can talk to each other (like they were ever going to!) things go very south very fast on their latest assignment. The crew is stranded and separated and Idris Elba’s Krall works wonderfully here, seriously it takes a bit but damn they worked a lot of stuff in.

We get a lot more of the McCoy/Spock dynamic than we’ve seen yet in this world. Each crew member has a chance to to shine. Everyone relies on each other and stands with each other and it’s a film about unity and standing together as much as it is about beating the bad guys.

The writers, Simon Pegg (back as Scotty) and Doug Jung really understand Star Trek of the past, and of the future I think, and it was just a great, fun, movie with a great story that is the closest to watching an episode of the show as they’ve been yet.

I had no complaints really about the first two, a few about Into Darkness yes but a bit more once the afterglow wore off. I’ve waited a few days this time and man it still feels awesome. The only thing I can say is the first bit does sort of wander off but don’t worry, once stuff starts happening it happens.

A moment here for Anton Yelchin, he is awesome in this and it is just terrible to know this is the last time we’ll see him, and Chekov, again. ( Watch Star Trek Beyond Streaming Movie Online )

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After five films i’m beginning to think they keep pumping out these sequels to keep John Leguizamo and Ray Romano relevant. The first film was great, it was hilarious, had a great story, and characters that straddled the line between funny and downright annoying, then from the second film it started going downhill to the point where now the whole film is filled with annoying humour literally there to amuse kids under 10. Apart from a few one liners that were actually quite clever the rest is silly stuff that will amuse you 5 year old for a few more minutes. They tried with one running joke to appeal to an older audience and it did work quite well surprisingly, but thats pretty much it. In terms of the story it was kept simple and flows through evenly despite it not being all that engaging, for me at least, kids though will love it.

Probably the most common highlight and what draws me back to these things are the short scenes involving Scrat and his acorn, which are always nice and cool little isolated stories. I only wish they didn’t show like half of his scenes in trailers and previews, felt like i had already seen it all by the time it showed up. But you know what, where it showed too much of that story, it kept quite a few elements of the main plot fairly low-key. I genuinely wanted to know how they were going to get themselves out of the mess they were in, and it would have been ruined if they showed more of that in the trailer too. So again, the plot was executed and followed through in a smooth manner without being too complex for the kiddies to handle. But in these animated films, where they dumb down the plot they need to make up for it with the humour, otherwise it can be tough to watch for those accompanying the children. ( Ice Age Collision Course Full Movie Online Streaming )

There is one running patch of humour involving a certain very well known science guru that makes for what are probably the most amusing parts of the film. If you know who it is you will admire the scenes, however if you don’t, then they will fly right over your head. There are a couple of one liners that were kinda clever, but most of the intended humour involves characters getting bashed, characters talking and moving really quickly, and other really dumbed down stuff. Fantastic when amusing the target audience but will make everyone else wish they were doing something else…. anything else.

So really, you know exactly what to expect from Ice Age sequels by now, you got the dumb humour, the simple plot, a few highlights here and there and then Scrat still not being able to catch a break and be with his acorn for 5 damn minutes. It’s amazing the guys still alive. Does very well at appealing to its target audience but other than young kids, no-one else it going to love it.

Collision Course Watch Online

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The All-Woman cast totally pulled it off for me, and I’m aware that just writing “all woman” is somewhat sexist. Sigourney Weaver aside for the moment, no one ever called the first film, an “all male cast.” However, it’s clear that the founding fathers (and mothers), Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson and others (where was Rick Moranis?…) were totally behind the reboot. And the reboot is good enough that GhostBusters II is not out of the question. With all of the crap that happens to be in theaters right now (like what happened to Summer fun Hollywood?…) GhostBusters Movie is a welcome relief.

I am a Melissa McCarthy convert. She blew me away in Spy, and from here on out, I think she is one of the funniest women in films these days. I was expecting her to be delightful and funny, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the woman who walked away with the film. KATE McKINNON was just hilarious and perfect. Honestly, it’s hard to watch the film without falling in love with her performance and she really made the whole film for me. (Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Online)

In my own, semi-sexist head which I try to amend all the time, I was aware that this was an “all-female” reboot of the original. But I have to say I really, really enjoyed it. It was just perfect and I laughed more than usual of late.

I’ll leave the more detailed reviews for others, but please go and see this film. It is funny, fun and a wonderful homage to the original franchise. I think all of the original actors, directors and writers should be quite happy with it. (Watch Ghostbusters Full Movie)

Go see this film! I will probably take my 12-year old boy to it and it’s mostly very kid appropriate as long as they’re not easily frightened by green ghosts.

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Because “Zootopia” set the bar so high this year in terms of family entertainment, everything, even works like the highly anticipated “Finding Dory,” seems to pale in comparison. That’s good news for “Zootopia” but bad news for anything following in its shadow without as much on its mind: had it been released in a year without an animated film as intelligent as the latter, “The Secret Life of Pets” might have stood as something more than forgettable escapist fare with kiddies on the brain.

But while its slightness is a bummer, it’s not a complete distraction – despite its steadfast reliance on ambulatory physical comedy and altogether goofiness, “The Secret Life of Pets” is still amusing and mindlessly fun, agreeable characteristics for quality family diversion. Helpful, too, is its red-blooded, meticulous animation (its characters are awesomely spry), and its voice cast, which, more or less, assimilates some of the finest working comedic talents of the now. (Watch The Secret Life of Pets Full Movie Online)

Louis C.K. heads “The Secret Life of Pets” as Max, a perky terrier living an idyllic life in the apartment of Katie, a working girl (voiced by Ellie Kemper). Though opposed to his owner’s long work schedule, which sees her missing from the flat for much longer than a bird-headed pup can handle, Max finds solace in the other pets living in the complex. Boredom is never a part of his afternoon, and by the time his human walks through the front door ready to unwind after a tiring day, so’s he.

Max likes his routine, and so he’s a little peeved when Katie unexpectedly brings home another dog. To Max’s disgust, it’s a slobbery Golden Retriever named Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet), whose massive size and dopey disposition are major turn-offs. The purchase of the friendly beast was on a whim, sure, but Katie is certain that her household’s best feature could use some company.

Max isn’t so certain that he’s ready to feel the love. He’s so used to having both the house and his owner’s affections to himself that he’s not so committed to the prospect of sharing; straight away, he goes into alpha mode in an attempt to prove his apparently kept-hidden dominance. But his avoidable clashing takes a turn for the worse when, when at a dog park, the off-leash Duke drags and drops his new brother in a foreign part of the city in a clumsy attempt to ditch him.

Bad idea. Following a run-in with some vicious alleycats, Max and Duke get hopelessly lost in the asphalt jungle that is New York, making enemies out of some ownerless toughies (led by a superb Kevin Hart) in the process. But Max’s dedicated friends back home come in handy after they quickly notice Katie’s unusually vacant apartment. Almost immediately, they empathically begin searching for their long lost pal, taking risky turn after risky turn in order to safety locate their most devoted friend. Of course, all will be resolved by the time the building’s owners come back from work.

Clocking at a trim (and expertly fast-paced) ninety minutes, “The Secret Life of Pets” is a proficient comedy caper perhaps a little too harmless to seem like anything besides (sturdy) filler between “Zootopia” and the next great animation picture of 2016. Without emotional tugs or flaw abiding ticks to allow us to see the characters as something other than mouth pieces for family friendly witticisms, the movie is pretty insubstantial and, as a result of its unwaveringly cheery personality, more a comedic exercise than a consequential film. (The Secret Life of Pets Streaming)

Still, its animation is wondrous, and its voice acting, especially by the bravura Hart and the chipper Jenny Slate, is show-stopping. So while high expectations can be a deadly force, and while “Zootopia” can be an unstoppable hotbed of bias, “The Secret Life of Pets” is, nevertheless, a likable rag. You can take it or leave it, but withstanding its charisma is unthinkable.

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The Legend of Tarzan is the most true to the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels that I have ever seen. It vastly overshadows Chris Lambert’s Greystoke from the 1980s, it is less cheesy than Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959, where Sean Connery is one of the bad guys), and gives the most tasteful of throwbacks to Johnny Weissmuller’s 1930s portrayal. (Legend of Tarzan full Movie Stream Online)

Not an origin story, like I am so used to seeing when a well-known character gets reintroduced, this 2016 adaptation starts off with John Greystoke III humbly living with his wife Jane Porter on his family estate. When word comes that his homeland is in trouble, he reluctantly agrees to go back.

Through out the movie we get to visit very famous pivitol scenes from the first novel, and are introduced elegantly to the notable roster of people that Tarzan has come to know through the many years in his life. The African tribesmen that adopted him when he came to learn he was a human, the mangani apes that raised him, a word which has never been used in a Tarzan movie before, and his many new enemies. Watch Legend of Tarzan Online

CGI was greatly needed for the Tarzan mythos. A man that is stronger than any olympic athlete who fights wild animals and swings through a mountainous jungle could only be portrayed on screen this way unless you consider it possible for a man to become something like Lord Greystoke.

I don’t want to spoil the story, but it is wonderful action fair, with the promise of a renewed love for Tarzan’s homeland. Watch Legend of Tarzan Movie

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