The All-Woman cast totally pulled it off for me, and I’m aware that just writing “all woman” is somewhat sexist. Sigourney Weaver aside for the moment, no one ever called the first film, an “all male cast.” However, it’s clear that the founding fathers (and mothers), Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson and others (where was Rick Moranis?…) were totally behind the reboot. And the reboot is good enough that GhostBusters II is not out of the question. With all of the crap that happens to be in theaters right now (like what happened to Summer fun Hollywood?…) GhostBusters Movie is a welcome relief.

I am a Melissa McCarthy convert. She blew me away in Spy, and from here on out, I think she is one of the funniest women in films these days. I was expecting her to be delightful and funny, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the woman who walked away with the film. KATE McKINNON was just hilarious and perfect. Honestly, it’s hard to watch the film without falling in love with her performance and she really made the whole film for me. (Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Online)

In my own, semi-sexist head which I try to amend all the time, I was aware that this was an “all-female” reboot of the original. But I have to say I really, really enjoyed it. It was just perfect and I laughed more than usual of late.

I’ll leave the more detailed reviews for others, but please go and see this film. It is funny, fun and a wonderful homage to the original franchise. I think all of the original actors, directors and writers should be quite happy with it. (Watch Ghostbusters Full Movie)

Go see this film! I will probably take my 12-year old boy to it and it’s mostly very kid appropriate as long as they’re not easily frightened by green ghosts.

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Because “Zootopia” set the bar so high this year in terms of family entertainment, everything, even works like the highly anticipated “Finding Dory,” seems to pale in comparison. That’s good news for “Zootopia” but bad news for anything following in its shadow without as much on its mind: had it been released in a year without an animated film as intelligent as the latter, “The Secret Life of Pets” might have stood as something more than forgettable escapist fare with kiddies on the brain.

But while its slightness is a bummer, it’s not a complete distraction – despite its steadfast reliance on ambulatory physical comedy and altogether goofiness, “The Secret Life of Pets” is still amusing and mindlessly fun, agreeable characteristics for quality family diversion. Helpful, too, is its red-blooded, meticulous animation (its characters are awesomely spry), and its voice cast, which, more or less, assimilates some of the finest working comedic talents of the now. (Watch The Secret Life of Pets Full Movie Online)

Louis C.K. heads “The Secret Life of Pets” as Max, a perky terrier living an idyllic life in the apartment of Katie, a working girl (voiced by Ellie Kemper). Though opposed to his owner’s long work schedule, which sees her missing from the flat for much longer than a bird-headed pup can handle, Max finds solace in the other pets living in the complex. Boredom is never a part of his afternoon, and by the time his human walks through the front door ready to unwind after a tiring day, so’s he.

Max likes his routine, and so he’s a little peeved when Katie unexpectedly brings home another dog. To Max’s disgust, it’s a slobbery Golden Retriever named Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet), whose massive size and dopey disposition are major turn-offs. The purchase of the friendly beast was on a whim, sure, but Katie is certain that her household’s best feature could use some company. (The Secret Life of Pets Watch Movie Online)

Max isn’t so certain that he’s ready to feel the love. He’s so used to having both the house and his owner’s affections to himself that he’s not so committed to the prospect of sharing; straight away, he goes into alpha mode in an attempt to prove his apparently kept-hidden dominance. But his avoidable clashing takes a turn for the worse when, when at a dog park, the off-leash Duke drags and drops his new brother in a foreign part of the city in a clumsy attempt to ditch him.

Bad idea. Following a run-in with some vicious alleycats, Max and Duke get hopelessly lost in the asphalt jungle that is New York, making enemies out of some ownerless toughies (led by a superb Kevin Hart) in the process. But Max’s dedicated friends back home come in handy after they quickly notice Katie’s unusually vacant apartment. Almost immediately, they empathically begin searching for their long lost pal, taking risky turn after risky turn in order to safety locate their most devoted friend. Of course, all will be resolved by the time the building’s owners come back from work.

Clocking at a trim (and expertly fast-paced) ninety minutes, “The Secret Life of Pets” is a proficient comedy caper perhaps a little too harmless to seem like anything besides (sturdy) filler between “Zootopia” and the next great animation picture of 2016. Without emotional tugs or flaw abiding ticks to allow us to see the characters as something other than mouth pieces for family friendly witticisms, the movie is pretty insubstantial and, as a result of its unwaveringly cheery personality, more a comedic exercise than a consequential film. (The Secret Life of Pets Streaming)

Still, its animation is wondrous, and its voice acting, especially by the bravura Hart and the chipper Jenny Slate, is show-stopping. So while high expectations can be a deadly force, and while “Zootopia” can be an unstoppable hotbed of bias, “The Secret Life of Pets” is, nevertheless, a likable rag. You can take it or leave it, but withstanding its charisma is unthinkable.

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The Legend of Tarzan is the most true to the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels that I have ever seen. It vastly overshadows Chris Lambert’s Greystoke from the 1980s, it is less cheesy than Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959, where Sean Connery is one of the bad guys), and gives the most tasteful of throwbacks to Johnny Weissmuller’s 1930s portrayal. (Legend of Tarzan full Movie Stream Online)

Not an origin story, like I am so used to seeing when a well-known character gets reintroduced, this 2016 adaptation starts off with John Greystoke III humbly living with his wife Jane Porter on his family estate. When word comes that his homeland is in trouble, he reluctantly agrees to go back.

Through out the movie we get to visit very famous pivitol scenes from the first novel, and are introduced elegantly to the notable roster of people that Tarzan has come to know through the many years in his life. The African tribesmen that adopted him when he came to learn he was a human, the mangani apes that raised him, a word which has never been used in a Tarzan movie before, and his many new enemies. Watch Legend of Tarzan Online

CGI was greatly needed for the Tarzan mythos. A man that is stronger than any olympic athlete who fights wild animals and swings through a mountainous jungle could only be portrayed on screen this way unless you consider it possible for a man to become something like Lord Greystoke.

I don’t want to spoil the story, but it is wonderful action fair, with the promise of a renewed love for Tarzan’s homeland. Watch Legend of Tarzan Movie

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There was a time when studio programmers such as this one, you know, big budget buddy action comedies in the LETHAL WEAPON family, would have me salivating front and center on opening weekend. In recent years, however, the formula grew stale and my interest waned. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber (DODGEBALL and WE’RE THE MILLERS), who rewrote the script by Ike Barinholtz (yes, the actor from THE MINDY PROJECT) and David Stassen, at least seems to have a grasp on comedy and pacing. Furthermore, he has two lead actors who spark each other in sweet, unexpected ways. It’s not a great movie, but it’s a great time at the movies, and within this genre, that’s something of a victory. (Central Intelligence Full Movie Online)

What’s surprising is how much of a thinly disguised gay love story CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE becomes. I shouldn’t be surprised considering the tagline on the poster, but the setup is one young gay guys have experienced for eons. It’s 1996 and young, chubby Bob Stone (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a CGI miracle) sings naked in the high school shower and suffers a humiliating act by a group of bullies. Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), the most popular guy in school, mildly comes to his defense. Cut to current day as our leads reunite right before their 20th reunion, and Bob is still the jolly fat kid but in the body of THE ROCK. Calvin, now an accountant, lives on deferred dreams, although he married his vivacious high school sweetheart Maggie (Danielle Nicolet, making the most of a role that’s there to prove her husband isn’t gay). Johnson delightfully plays Bob as a SIXTEEN CANDLES-loving, nerdy, puppy dog who seems madly in love with Calvin. Yes, they also give him a female love interest, played by a surprising A-lister, but again, it’s perfunctory. The majority of the running time, we’re witnessing a growing love between these two men. The opening section alone could easily play as an OUT-FEST short about the aching compassion between a nice guy and a bullied one.

Of course, this being an action film, it soon turns out that Bob is a CIA agent suspected of being a dangerous killer, and he enlists his old friend to help him out of his predicament. Amy Ryan plays the main agent on his tail, and she does a good job with her hard-as-nails character, but seriously, this story makes little sense. The plot has more holes than a bareback bottom boy at a Warm Sands orgy, and if you think that’s the gayest thing you’ll read in this review, you’re sadly mistaken! It’s the kind of scenario where characters could clear everything up by just stopping and explaining things, but this film happily moves from one crazy set piece to another in a mostly successful attempt to divert your attention away from its implausibilities. I enjoyed the extended shootout at Calvin’s workplace, which sets up a benign prop and calls back to it at the end of a chase in a way that has always made me love big budget American films. What surprises is how well Calvin’s workplace politics play into that sequence. Carefully set up to show us Calvin’s descent on the pecking order, especially with a deft turn by Ryan Hansen as a spineless co-worker, this film remembers to keep our characters’ emotions front and center, even when mayhem ensues. (Watch Central Intelligence Movie Online)

Johnson, who has killed it every time he’s hosted SNL, has such great dynamism and a real gift for comedy. All those wrestling years with his arched eyebrow and false bravado have amply prepared him for his command of an audience. He fully embraces the central love story, always staying on top of his guileless character. Hart, in the “straight man” role, does his patented screams here and there, but mostly he generously lets Johnson handle the comedy while he plays the dramatic FOMO elements that give his portrayal some unexpected emotional heft.

Yes, it’s broad and not terribly well made. Aside from a couple of kinetic shots of vehicles charging down streets and the spectacle of seeing Johnson’s face on a heavy person’s body, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE won’t win any directing, design, or cinematography awards. What it does, and does well, is divert your attention for a fun night out at the movies. That it’s also pretty much a gay bullying film, complete with a twist on the Jake Ryan/Samantha Baker SIXTEEN CANDLES love resolution, is just gay icing on this fairly gay cake. Central Intelligence Full Movie Online

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An entertaining adventure, but certainly ranks among the lesser Pixar films right next to Monsters U and Good Dinosaur. Finding Dory doesn’t have the magic or the heart to become a Classic like Finding Nemo, and instead feels often like a TV episode.

It’s nice to be immersed in Pixar’s fish world again and to meet some new characters. Hank is the best new character, and his sliminess and awkward agility make him fun to watch. Even though he’s not the nicest, he manages to earn your heart. Ellen’s voice acting gives Dory all the life we saw from the first film, as does Albert Brooks as Marlin. Nemo doesn’t really do shit, he just says stuff that the movie didn’t want Marlin to say. (Finding Dory Movie Online)

Solid adventures here, a couple plot turns that were actually surprising and took the movie in good directions. For the seemingly small scale of the aquarium rescue parents dilemma, the adventure is actually larger than expected. The movie ends with a solid message about following your instinct, and it expands upon the meaning of “just keep swimming”. Watch Finding Dory Movie

The whole journey is satisfying, but it’s distinctly less accomplished than the many Pixar greats. It has the feeling of being a bit of a forced sequel and trying to come up with a “finding” plot, and you might not feel yourself as attached to the characters as you did in the original film. You like them in a lighthearted way, like ah Dory’s good, they’re good people, but not like, I know them, I love these people now, I’ve been with them through so much. It does more than it could have, but not as much as it should have. Finding Dory Full Movie Online

Finding ‘Dory’ is Disney/Pixar’s follow-up to ‘Finding Nemo’. It hits all the right notes, with plenty of heart strung tugging while managing not to stress the viewer out too much. Overall it’s a fun, easy, funny, enjoyable ride with plenty of laughs. Great for families and fans of Pixar.

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Now You See Me 2, Great story with lots of twists and turns
Looks like you’ve picked the right card! Lionsgate’s latest installment in the Now You See Me franchise is an all out summer blockbuster hit that will keep you on the edge of your seats! Taking place exactly one year after the events of the first movie, this film continues the story of the four horsemen. After fleeing away from a stage show the horsemen eventually find their way to Macau, China where they have a run in with an evil tech wizard. He forces the Horsemen to steal a very powerful computer chip that is able to control any and all computers over the world!

Right away from the get go the film opens up with a quick backstory on the previous installment. I thought this was pretty cool for the audience as a refresher as to what happened in the first movie just in case you forgot or if you aren’t caught up and haven’t seen the first movie. So don’t worry you don’t have to see the first film to enjoy the sequel because the sequel gets you all caught up within the first 5 minutes of the film! I don’t remember the last time that I saw something like this in a film, but what they did here was clever and definitely paid a service to the audience. Now You See Me 2 is jammed packed with action, comedy, incredible dazzling visuals, and most importantly magic! There are some moments of the film, however, that still leave me with questions. If you don’t already know Isla Fisher’s character Henley Reeves, one of the original four horsemen in the previous installment, didn’t have a role in this film. The character wasn’t re-cast-ed yet a new horsemen, Lula, played by Lizzy Caplan stepped into the picture. It is mentioned in the film briefly about what happened to the old horseman. They say she broke apart from the group to have a normal life. Why she wanted to leave and have a different life is still a mystery and I wish that they would have gone into more depth about her disappearance. The only other problem I had with this film was that the ending was a bit predictable. I’m not going to say what happened at the end to avoid spoilers but I can say that the final scene involves the death of certain characters that I didn’t think the studio was ready to get rid of which is why it seemed a bit predictable to me. Other than that I really enjoyed the movie, it was a great film to watch with an incredible story to tell! (Now You See Me 2 Streaming)

One of my favorite moments from Now You See Me 2 Movie was a scene that happened involving all four of the horsemen as they used deception, trickery, and some bad-ass card throwing skills in order to steal the infamous computer chip. The horsemen were being shown the chip, in a highly secured facility, as people interested in buying it. They were soon sought as being suspicious and were required to go throw a very thorough pat down search. Having the chip in hand already the horsemen used many deceptive movements of using the inside of their palms, sliding the chip underneath shoes, into clothes and hats. It was amazing and very interesting to watch. At the same time my heart was beating because I was so nervous for the horsemen and had no idea how they could possibly get out of such a situation that they had gotten themselves into and how their tricks were going to get unnoticed. Yet, being the horsemen they did it! And on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the screen, the entire time, It was so cool to watch, the camera angles, the turn around, the crazy card throwing tricks. I felt like a part of the action, the scene was so immersive and was truly magical! Watch Now You See Me 2 Full Movie

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Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

While “Alice Through the Looking Glass” is creatively amazing, it certainly isn’t ideal.

The film starts on an unusual note with Alice, represented by Mia Wasikowska, as a women sea leader, saving her ship from opponent ships while among a highly powerful storm. This is completely irrelevant to the book, but perhaps will pay honor to Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow in “The Pirates of the Carribbean.” (Watch Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie Stream Online)

Anyway, after she profits house from her journey, Alice is faced with a choice between promoting her father’s ship or her house. To evade that choice, she moves to the exceptional globe of Wonderland … again. But now, it’s through a magic mirror.

In Wonderland, or Underland, as it’s known as in the video, it is found that the Mad Hatter, performed by Johnny Depp, has become extremely ill. He considers his family live through the Jabberwocky Strike, a significant occasion in the prequel, but he cannot find them. The shading of his shiny lemon hair is managed by his feelings, and can turn less heavy and less heavy, until it’s white, as he drops fed up with hopelessness and fear.

To save the Mad Hatter from climbing down into further insanity, Alice moves over a chance to find what happened to his family, while competing with the Red Queen, Iracebeth, represented by Helena Bonham Carter, who also wants to travel back in history to avenge a childhood argument with her sis, the White Queen, Mirana, played by Anne Hathaway.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Full Movie Online

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The Conjuring 2 Review, Horror Sequel

Director James Wan is no stranger at delivering a thrilling scare to his audiences. He directed the first film as well as Saw and Insidious to name a few. He is back along with stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga for another look into the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. After the Warrens’ work on the Amityville horror house, they had vowed to take a break. Lorraine is a clairvoyant and their work was thrust into the spotlight with that case. It eventually took a toll on them as a couple and family. While this is happening, the Hodgson family who live in the London borough of Enfield is experiencing a nightmare of their own that would rival the Amityville story. Peggy Hodgson (O’Connor) is a single mom raising four children and barely able to make ends meet. Spooky things start to go bump in the night. Toys start to light up and activate, furniture starts to go flying across the room, and youngest daughter Janet (Wolfe) starts speaking in a deep voice taking on an alternate personality. The spirit of an older man who once died in the house starts stalking every member of the family claiming that it’s “MY HOUSE!” Despite their “celeb status”, the Warrens are hesitant about taking on new cases, but feel the need to help the Hodgsons. They join an investigative team on the Hodgson property including a woman (Potente) who is out to prove this is all a hoax. Watch The Conjuring 2 Stream

The case of the Enfield poltergeist is one of the most documented and researched occurrences of paranormal activity. As you can expect, it brings out the fanatics looking to believe every word of the Hodgson family as they recount their story. For as many true believers there are out there, there are as many skeptics hoping and trying to prove it was all a hoax. The film suggests that there is the constant underlying attention to the idea of, not only the Hodgson family lying, but the Warrens being frauds for embellishing their findings. I do believe that Wan and the actors believe in the Warrens and their work, but I appreciate the counterpoint given thanks to Franka Potente’s character. The Conjuring 2 Streaming Full Movie

Whether or not the audience believes, there’s no denying the chemistry between Wilson and Farmiga which keeps you invested in these movies. Original screenwriters Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes are back with help from James Wan and David Leslie Johnson. They’ve written two characters you actually care about which can be hard to find in the horror genre. Wan knows that you need to sympathize with the characters if you want the scares and shocking moments to have a lasting impact. What makes The Conjuring films unique and special is that attention to the family dynamics for the Warrens and the Hodgsons as well as the Perrons in the first film. Lorraine is worn down and receiving visions of a Ed’s looming death and a ghostly nun who keeps terrorizing her. What makes matters worse is that Ed also has visions of said nun.

The first thirty minutes of The Conjuring 2 are relentless as it sets up the suspense at hand. Wan gives us some closure on the Amityville case, which helps center in on the timeline at hand in conjunction to the first film. It also reminds us that the Warrens are real people who are also connected to that classic movie starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. The 1977 timeline helps give the film that vintage feel, and Wan has definitely learned from the scary movies of that period. The film’s take on Janet Hodgson is very reminiscent of The Exorcist but less vulgar. More importantly, it still feels within the world of the first film. The difference in location and family helps differentiate it enough so it doesn’t solely feel like a copycat that the studio cranked out for easy cash. It is still a sequel, which typically means it’s a bigger, flashier film due to a larger budget. I had begun to worry that this movie was going to peak too soon, but Wan wisely shifts from wanting to scare the audience into focusing on the families. There are enough little frights along the way to keep you awake and then it rattles you with a big climatic ending. Wan has a way of making you squirm in your seat even when you know something is going to happen. I’ve seen enough scary movies to predict when the jumps will happen. I was clenching up waiting for it, and Wan still got me to jump and have some audible reactions at times. Watch The Conjuring 2 Streaming online

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As a casual movie goer, this movie was way too fast paced. I felt like there left much to be explained and they was no real sense of time. Are the orcs super fast builders, or is this movie supposed to take place over a very long period of time? How is it that Garona mastered English, or whatever the human language is, so quickly? Is there a reason why some orcs are brown like Durotan and Ogrimm but others were green like Gul’dan other than to tell “good guys” apart? Why did Medivh turn into a demon all the sudden near the end? (Warcraft Movie Streaming)

I can hear these questions and others asked by audiences.

Fortunately for me, I am a fan of the games and know the answers and reasons to all these questions. I can see how leaving some things in the movie left unanswered or unexplained would hopefully make non players want to read up on or play the game, but sadly, I don’t think too many will.

So for those of you looking for answers, I’ll answer the questions above.

The events of this movie are supposed to span around a decade or so. Therefore Garona should have had a few years to learn the common tongue before being captured by Lothar.

The reason Ogrimm, Durotan, Draka and other orcs are brown instead of green is because the brown orcs are because they simply aren’t corrupted by Fel magic. It’s honestly that simple. They turn green when they accept the Fel. Originally they drank a demon’s blood that corrupted them, but this seems to have either been removed or unmentioned in the movie.

Lastly, Medivh. I’ll try to keep this short. I mentioned above that orcs drank the blood of a demon and became corrupt, well that demon serves a “Devil” like master, Saragas. He corrupted Medivh’s mom womb so that this he would have a vessel to take over and be in the world. So Medivh transforming into a demon is supposed to be that, happening. Watch Warcraft Movie Streaming Online

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Captain America 3 Civil War was made by the Russo Brothers who have also made another hit Marvel movie The Winter Soldier. They have done such a great job on the Winter Soldier that this movie was already known to be a sure hit. Marvel wanted them in particular for this movie because of what they have accomplished thus far. This movie is a complete turn in comparison to most action movies. Instead of fighting villains they actually leaned towards fighting the other heros, turning on each other. There is quite a bit of drama with constant changing of personalities and attitudes on the situation.

The directors decided to not use Thor or the Hulk but in turn they did decide to finally include Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s personality was quite different in this one than some of the other Spider-Man movies. Then again that tends to be a recurring tendency with Spider-Man. They still brought a man with a very boisterous attitude and very talkative. He is constantly talking and regardless of the seriousness of the situation.

They do not ever disclose on what supposedly happened to Thor and the Hulk though they do mention it once in the movie that they are missing and none of the other than Avengers know what happened.

The biggest part of the movie is that they are all forced into the realization of the aftermath of all of the past battles they have had. Although before they never thought about the damage they have done now they are simply being reminded of it. They no longer view it as collateral damage but as an unacceptable loss. They all must make a decision to sign a contract with the government to continue being Avengers or be vigilantes / retire. They can either go with Tony Stark who, contrary to what you would think, believes in submitting to a higher government. Or they have the option to go with Captain America who is leading the group as vigilantes. They are all criminals after beginning that route but they believe it’s the only way. They are constantly faced with many challenges both physically and emotionally. Bringing back many past memories and hardships. The criminal is constantly trying to rip them apart making them divided and fight against each other. Many of them are constantly making their decisions and are torn on which side they should fight for. They have many fights but the finale is not unlike that of Batman versus Superman. It was very intense and very emotional. It will catch you in their intense passion for what they are fighting for. Just as T’Challa says near the end ” Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me.”

If you are someone who is into action movies this is the right movie for you. It’s almost nonstop gripping action with but brief intermittent rests. It has a level of sentiment that you can relate to. the armrest clenching, heart stopping shocks are something you definitely won’t miss out on with this movie. Watch Captain America 3 Civil War Full Movie

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